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The Road road(the Pu benefit plan prize gets prize novel) [The Road lu (pu li ce jiang huo jiang xiao shuo £©] (Chinese Edition)

The Road - Cormac McCarthy Salvation in a can
About half-way through the book, I had my mind made up. The father and the son will be dying epically, either by starvation or eaten alive by cannibals, all that for nothing, and we, (chances are, McCarthy would refer affectionately us as “the reader”) would be faced with the irrelevancy of surviving the apocalypse. Despite an unstable rhythms bloated with religious symbolism, I read on, because I like a good drama, especially the ones when everybody dies.
But they didn’t.
Instead, we are served a ridiculous Hollywood-ending, which ruins this (already) dull experience. There is no purpose to this book. There is no plot to this book.
They should have died.