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The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia - James Ellroy The Black Dahlia
“Cherchez la femme, Pardieu” –Alexandre Dumas
If you are not a cop from the ‘50’s, I would strongly recommend you download Urban Dictionary on your phone. Wikipedia will be of tremendous help as well, if you want your James Ellroy experience to be complete. Almost all surrounding events in the story are actual facts from L.A. History, which is AMAZING for a history geek like me.
Thanks to the Sprague Family, I now know that the Hollywood sign use to be Hollywoodland. By digging deeper I’ve found out that, years later when they restored the cultural icon, Hugh Hefner and Alice Cooper both gave the money for a specific letter; the former spending $27,777 for the “Y”, and mister Cooper preferring one of the “O’s” for the same amount of money.
Thanks to Bucky Bleichert, I am now aware of the past existence Mickey Cohen; which in turn revealed the presence of the Jewish Mafia. Needless to say, Kosher Nostra is to literature what deep-fried Tomblerone’s are to desserts: an un-exploited gem.
Finally thanks for James Ellroy, for he has written a story who speaks of the headlock like grasp that the deaths possess on the livings. We spend our life saying goodbye, following well-known paths (Lee avenging his sister’s death through police work) and ones less travelled by (Bleichert having repetitive sex with a women who looks almost identical to the victim of his unsolved murder investigation) only to find out that we can never have a “bloody valediction”. The decision is not ours to make. We adapt and learn to live with it. Eventually time dulls the memory out of our everyday thoughts; the remembrance becomes less frequent, until there is nothing left for them but being the recipient of a quick prayer when landing on Boston airport’s tarmac.